Freight Handler Job Description

freight handler

Freight handlers take care of the transportation and storage of large amounts of freight from one place to another. Their tasks include unloading and loading materials, keeping track of goods, and securing freight records for future use. The position is usually a part-time job or full-time position that can be performed in an office or warehouse. Freight handlers have to be able to handle heavy loads.


The main duty of a freight handler is loading and storing freight on trucks that are being shipped. In most cases, he will do this without the knowledge of the buyer. This type of work is done in areas that have less than ideal weather conditions. Most freight handlers work in dryland areas such as the middle of nowhere with not too much greenery around or in front of the worksite.

Freight handlers may also be responsible for the loading and unloading of containers and trailers at a loading dock. These jobs require heavy lifting ability. These types of jobs usually require that you go through training for more advanced duties. However, it is possible to do some of these jobs even without any previous training.

Required Skills

When doing this type of job, it is essential for freight handlers to have enough knowledge of how to load and store the containers and trailers at the dock and how to lift them to their proper heights for maximum productivity. They need to know the right methods of loading the cargo and lifting the containers at the right height for maximum efficiency. Also, they need to have enough knowledge about loading the cargo at the dock using the right types of equipment. This is essential if you want to make sure that your load is correctly loaded and if you want to make sure that you lift the cargo correctly.

freight handler

Freight handlers are required to have good communication skills. This is needed to help keep track of the goods being loaded and unloaded. They need to understand how to maintain records to keep track of the freight’s exact location at the warehouse and when it was loaded. They also need to be able to properly work with other employees to ensure that the load at the warehouse has been loaded safely and that will protect the goods inside the container.

Day on the Job

Freight handlers often work at companies that transport large quantities of material, mostly for businesses and corporations that have to transport large amounts of goods. They are responsible for loading and securing of the cargo in the trucks for the people who need to be able to travel to the various locations that have to receive the shipment.

The freight handler job description is very popular among business and corporations because of the nature of this type of job. Many of them want to use the services of this type of person for transporting goods from one location to the next, in addition to handling the loading process. They also can be hired to work in different areas of the warehouse to provide security and cleanliness to the area. This is a great benefit to anyone interested in becoming a freight handler because it is a very demanding job that requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

There are several advantages to this type of job description. It pays well and there are many jobs to choose from and the potential for good pay and benefits. These are just two of the many reasons why people want to pursue this job title.